I  have graduated from the Polish – Japanese Academy of Information Technology – New Media Arts in Visualisation  and Artistic School in Warsaw Poland specialty – Artistic Fabric.

Art has been my passion for many years. It allows me to express myself – what I see, what I like and what I consider aesthetical, but most of all, what I feel. I’m trying to be perfect in what I do and also improvex because of the experience which showed that I should be prepared all the time for new challenges.

My favorite artistic techniques are photography, drawing and painting in every form, computer graphics (illustration, comics, posters), and painting on silk.

I received my first working experience at the Software House & Creative Agency MILCOLORES as a Graphic Designer. I was working with the agency to make illustrations for a site with educational tales for children. Reference.

My works:

Jak Wojtek został cyklistą

Super – kot!

Wakacje Franka, cz. 1

Wakacje Franka, cz.2

My next experience was at ID Media-Publishing and Promotion Agency where I was taking  pictures at events organized by the agency. Reference.

In 2012 I was engaged by the Success Foundation The Centre of Development of Social Competence in the Park above the Balaton during the event “From Fairytale to Fairytale – in the circle of Intercultural Fairytale” to paint children’s faces. Reference.

I’m fascinated by the Japanese culture and I have been learning Japanese since 2013. In 2018 my dream came true and I went on a trip to Japan. I’ve visited around 10 cities.